Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020: Areas of Strategic Focus, Objectives, and Strategies

Area of Strategic Focus



Learning and Teaching

A collaborative culture of innovation and continuous improvement in learning and teaching to promote spirited learners

  1. Aspire for and embrace “what if” innovation in learning development
  2. Develop a school community culture of spirited learners
  3. Establish and implement programmes and policies to enable every student to reach their full potential

Human Resources

Attract, develop and retain the highest caliber of employees which honours our commitment to Stonehill’s Vision

  1. Develop a robust hiring process, including defined criteria, compensation structure, and effective interviews, for staff
  2. Institutionalize the orientation, appraisal and evaluation systems and ensure that staff have the resources, skills, training and support to discharge their duties
  3. Plan and structure staffing to reflect the school’s commitment to diversity, internationalism, and retaining excellent staff
  4. Implement an internal communication strategy that is designed to nurture highly motivated staff that work as one community to demonstrate mutual support and respect

Infrastructure, School Growth And Development

Be a school of choice and a centre for excellence in India

  1. Increase Stonehill’s visibility and brand recall locally, regionally, and globally
  2. Create a roadmap for the master plan to support the growth of the school
  3. Review and revise the school’s internal systems to align with school growth


A clear, compelling identity, recognized locally and globally

  1. Plan the school’s calendar of events, construction projects, and budgets to promote and enhance Stonehill’s identity in technological innovation, sports, and arts
  2. Emphasize and promote Stonehill’s identity
  3. Seek out new opportunities for collaboration in technology, sports, and arts
  4. Articulate and implement a plan which includes an accelerated programme for technological innovation, sports and the arts

Financial Sustainability

Responsible planning and management of resources to be financially stable and  self-sustaining

  1. Ensure that technological and other needs are anticipated, budgeted and sustainable
  2. Utilize the operational budget efficiently and effectively
  3. Develop a financial strategic plan that promotes school growth while controlling for risk
  4. Evaluate the financial resources of the school in conjunction with the Strategic Plan
  5. To institutionalize policies and Standard operating Procedures (SOP) to increase efficiency


Stable, effective governance and vibrant leadership, which models transparency, trust and accountability

  1. To ensure that the school meets the accreditation requirements
  2. To be aware of industry best practices and to encourage the Head of School to champion and apply best practices in the industry
  3. To ensure on-going training is provided for the members to understand and perform their duties and drive continuous improvement

International Baccalaureate

Council of International Schools

International School Activities Conference India

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

International Schools Theatre Association

Australian boarding schools association