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Stonehill International Science Bowl-2021

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An Unforgettable Event

The Stonehill Science Bowl is an annual event at the Stonehill International School. 'Fun With Physics' (FWP) is a student-led organization at Stonehill that prides itself on making the practical sciences available to all school-going students, regardless of their social background. This year, due to the current global situation, FWP decided to host the school's Science Bowl online and on an international level!

The Stonehill Science Bowl has always been for schools in and around Bangalore. However, this year, we wanted to take the science bowl online and at an international level. This was never done before and we had to figure a lot of challenges to make this event successful.

It took nearly nine months of preparation to host the event. We were able to connect with Monash University who agreed to sponsor us. We launched an Instagram page and a website, advertising the Stonehill International School Science Bowl (SISB) 2021.

We got an overwhelming response from passionate STEM students around the world. There were 50 teams with 150 participants, representing 25 different schools, from a total of 10 countries and  4 different continents!

With help from our science teachers, we came up with more than 100 questions for the Science Bowl which was divided into four competition rounds. Additionally, we included icebreakers and design thinking rounds.

The first and second place went to teams from Hill Spring International School, Mumbai and the third place went to Jain International School, Bangalore.

Shreyes and Kalidas, D2

Role of the quiz master and taking care of academic honesty

As the event was online, it was extremely important to come up with a simple, yet effective set of rules to maintain the integrity of the competition. 

As a quiz master, my main goal was to make sure that the rounds were fair, enjoyable, and engaging. My favorite rounds were the MPRMS and the Quick take round. It was incredible to see the creativity, thought, and passion behind every proposal. Looking back and hearing how much the participants enjoyed the event, serves as an inspiration to me to continue exploring my passion for STEM, and to encourage others to do the same. 

Colby and Shreya, D2

Teachers’ Reflection

I have supervised Stonehill Science Bowl for three years in a row. The previous two events were small with 10 to 12 teams from Bangalore. This year, due to the pandemic we could not host this event in our school premises However, we turned this event into something bigger and better. 

The D2 students decided to conduct this event online. This required more planning and the SISB team worked throughout the summer holidays. Academic honesty was a major concern and we worked hard to take care of it.This year, the teachers played the role of students. All the planning and execution were done by the students and the teachers followed their instructions. The event was a huge success and we enjoyed every minute of it!

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