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Stonehill Makeathon 2024

What is Stonehill Makeathon?

The Stonehill Makeathon is Bangalore's first ever inter-school Product Design competition, providing a unique platform for participants to unleash their innovation and transform ideas into reality. This event, emerged out of Stonehill's successful Hackathon in the academic year of ‘2021-22, specifically introduced a Product Design category due to the engaging and creative nature of this field. 

The Stonehill Makeathon has evolved into an independent event, highlighting the untapped potential within the realm of Product Design. The competition's core objective is to inspire and empower bright young minds to harness their creativity, problem-solving prowess, and communication skills. By working collaboratively in teams, students are encouraged to come up with inventive solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. 

Notably, the Makeathon goes beyond ideation, offering participants the rare opportunity to not only conceptualise game-changing ideas but also to manufacture their products. Ultimately, The Stonehill Makeathon aspires to create a nurturing space where students can passionately express and implement their design aspirations, bridging the gap between dreams and tangible creations.

Eligibility for Participants 

Participants will be divided into two groups: 

  • Group 1: Grades 6-8

  • Group 2: Grades 9-12

Themes and Groups

This competition is open to participation from all schools in Bangalore. The themes for the groups are as follows (participants get to choose one topic):

For Classes 6-8:
  • Sustainable Living: Encourage participants to design products that promote eco-friendly and sustainable living.

  • Education Technology: Task participants with developing innovative solutions to enhance learning and education.

For Classes 9-11:
  • Affordability and Clean Energy: To create innovative products that enhance affordability and clean energy. 

  • Smart Cities: Explore solutions that make urban living more efficient, sustainable, and connected.

Important Dates

Kindly be aware that the competition will accommodate both offline and online teams. Online participants will be provided with a Zoom link for their participation.
  • February 28th 2024:
    All participants are required to present their sketches(Ideas) for solutions to the problems, adhering to a relevant theme. The top 7 teams from both the junior and senior categories will be selected based on their submissions.

  • March 4th 2024:
    The final 7 teams will be selected and the schedule will be sent accordingly. 

  • March 8th 2024:
    The selected top 7 teams will visit Stonehill International School and create their product. 

  • March 9th 2024:
    Final Day: All participants will pitch their ideas and finished products to the judges. 


Structure of the Event

The event will have three rounds, Sketches, Building the Product and Presentation.  The awards ceremony will take place at the end of the competition.


This round will be held online, and participants are required to create detailed sketches for the product they will create based on their group’s theme.

These sketches will have to be made on either A3 or A4 paper and sketched out using a pencil. Participants are permitted to use black pens for annotations. A panel of judges will select the top 5 designs. The top five teams from each category will move forward to the final round.


Building The Product

Once the top 5 teams advance to the Building the Product round they will be required to come to the Stonehill campus to create their product at Stonehill’s state-of-the-art Product Design lab. You are required to be here between 9 am and 5 pm to create your product. If need be, participants may use an extra hour from the following day to complete the product. Please note that there will be Design Technology student volunteers from Stonehill to assist teams while building the product if they are unfamiliar with the tools.


The Presentation will be held on the third and final day of the competition. The teams will be given 10-15 minutes to present their products to our panel of judges to convince them to “invest” in their products. The judges will have 5 minutes to ask questions to the teams after their presentation. 

After the decider round, the judges will announce the winners. Each team will receive cash prizes in the form of gift vouchers.


Win Exciting Prizes!

All participants will receive participation certificates

First place: Rs. 15,000/-

Second place: Rs. 10,000/-

Third place: Rs. 5000/-


Last date for registration: February 28th 2024

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