Stonehill’s Academic & Sports Scholarship Programme 2021-22

The aim of the Stonehill International School Academic and Sports Scholarship Programme is to foster and celebrate excellence in academics and sports. Scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic and sports abilities, based on aptitude and potential.

Academic Scholarships
  • Grade 9 (M4) – Age 14+ (Max. age limit: 15 years)    Apply online
  • Grade 10 (M5) – Age 15+ (Max. age limit: 16 years)    Apply online
  • Grade 11 (D1) – Age 16+ (Max. age limit: 17 years)    Apply online
Sports Scholarships

(Football, Equestrian, Swimming, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis)
Minimum requirement: Represented school in Inter-School events

  • Grade 8 (M3) – Age 13+ (Max. age limit: 14 years)   Apply online
  • Grade 9 (M4) – Age 14+ (Max. age limit: 15 years)  Apply online
  • Grade 10 (M5) – Age 15+ (Max. age limit: 16 years)   Apply online
Scholarship Categories:
  • Scholarships with a tuition fee concession of 100%, 75% or 50%
  • Scholarships with a boarding fee concession of 50%
  • Honorary Scholarships with no tuition or boarding fee concession
Scholarship Details:
  • Scholarships are determined in open competition at a fixed level set by the school and are non-negotiable
  • Scholarships are made at the discretion of the Head of School
  • The number of scholarships can vary from year to year depending upon the caliber of candidates who apply
  • Sport focused scholarships will be awarded to applicants who show excellence in both sport and character, and will be expected to participate in leadership roles for Stonehill sport teams. The applicant will need to demonstrate athletic ability through sport specific skill assessment on the Scholarship Assessment Day
  • All scholarships are reviewed on a quarterly basis to assure that attainment and commitment are being maintained at the standard expected of an academic scholar. Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if a scholar does not maintain the expected standards
  • A Stonehill Scholarship is a prestigious award and unashamedly targets the very best scholars and scholar-athletes. As a step to an excellent university, it is of significant benefit to a student
Who May Apply?

Students who apply for M3 must be 13+ years old, M4 must be 14+ years old, M5 must be 15+ years old and D1 must be 16+ years old by 1st September 2021. Students who have a parent or guardian employed by a company that pays or reimburses their employees’ school fees are only eligible to apply for an Honorary Scholarship. Similarly, existing Stonehill students are also eligible only for the Honorary Scholarship. 

Scholarship Application Process:
  • Submission of Application
  • Scholarship Assessment Day for shortlisted candidates
  • Scholarships announced
Key Dates for August 2021 Entry:
  • Application deadline: 24th November 2020
  • Invitations for Assessment Day sent to shortlisted candidates: 27th November 2020
  • Scholarship Assessment Day: 5th December 2020


Application for Middle Years Programme Scholarship (2021-22)


Application for Middle Years Programme Scholarship – Sports (2021-22)


Application for Diploma Programme Scholarship (2021-22)

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