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Proud to be a CIS Accredited School!

In October 2018, a CIS Evaluation Team visited Stonehill for a 5 Year School Evaluation. During the week, the Evaluation Team observed lessons and interviewed teachers, students, support staff, members of our PTA and the Governing Council. This week we were delighted to receive the news that we have been re-accredited by the Council of International Schools.

The final award of CIS accreditation shows that our school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and is committed to continuous improvement.

The CIS Evaluation Report that we received is extremely positive and enables us to celebrate our achievements. It also provides useful recommendations that will help us to identify improvements that can be made to further support student learning and wellbeing.

Please find below some of the highlights from the CIS Evaluation Report.


  • The school has demonstrated a commitment to developing authentic opportunities for host country connections that foster a deep understanding of intercultural learning.
  • Students identified their safety, happiness, and well-being as the primary goal of the school. Relationships between students and teachers are characterised by respect and openness; students perceive teachers as readily available and approachable. Staff proactively reach out to students and there is a strong sense of community. Students stated that staff readily seek feedback from them to improve their teaching.
  • The Governing Council is clearly a supportive and effective governing body, engaging in regular self-reviews both at the end of each meeting and annually to measure and ensure ongoing effectiveness in response to changing circumstances.The Head of School and GC demonstrate a developing commitment to working together, fostering a more positive school climate, and a stronger sense of purpose and direction.
  • The Head of School is the unambiguous leader of the school in keeping with his role description, and this is reflected in a clearly documented organisational structure that shows delegated responsibility. A highly professional, cohesive, and capable ELT ably supports him. The evaluators observed that the Head of School is held in high regard and enjoys the respect and support of all members of the school community.
  • It was evident that the ELT share a commitment to intercultural understanding and global citizenship and demonstrate the values contained in the guiding statements acting as role models for students and all members of the school community.
  • Stonehill International School supports the use of contemporary learning practices using technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Secondary and primary students identified a strong culture of care at Stonehill International School. Students stated that teachers are highly approachable and that their well-being, happiness, and safety were highly valued. Teachers were described as going out of their way to listen to and help students. In addition, students felt staff believed in their capabilities.
  • Secondary students described themselves as comfortable giving feedback to teachers about their practice because teachers actively sought this feedback.
  • Both Primary and Secondary Principals, as well as the Head of School, were seen as approachable with an ‘open door’ philosophy. Boarding students are actively involved in the decision-making in the boarding house.
  • Students identified a range of staff they could turn to for support, which included counsellors, the IB Coordinators, and homeroom teachers. Overall, students felt as though there was a ‘force of teachers’ watching out for them, monitoring their stress levels, and intervening as needed.
  • It was clear to the evaluation team that interactions between staff and students were characterised by a high degree of mutual respect and understanding, trust, and openness.
  • It was clear to the evaluators that student safety and security was of paramount importance at SIS.
  • Students commented that there was a strong focus on healthy food and diet through the cafeteria menu.
  • Staff described the culture of the school as characterised by hard work, a shared sense of purpose, and a culture of care. Increasing transparency in policies, procedures, and practices has been positively received by staff and this is working to build a culture of trust. Staff noted that the school has a strong sense of community which makes it a positive place to work.
  • There is a generous professional development budget and staff are supported with training both in school, within India, and internationally.
  • The campus at Stonehill International School is spacious and the accommodation custom-built for their requirements. They are well-maintained, secure, and conducive to 21st century learning. The focus on safety and security, and the endeavour to continually improve systems through the involvement of stakeholders, exhibits a joint commitment to positive school growth and overall development in the areas of student learning and well-being.
  • Physical facilities, teaching and learning spaces, and equipment at Stonehill support the school’s mission to provide stimulating, engaging academics integrated with enhanced opportunities for technological innovation, sports, and the arts. SIS strives to create an environment where learners are happy, safe, and valued.
  • The commitment towards student well-being and safety is clearly apparent in the SIS boarding programme through its policies, practices, and student-centred approach. This strongly aligns with the school’s values and beliefs through an ethos of inclusiveness, care, respect, and collective responsibility.
  • From the time of the preparatory evaluation report the SIS leadership, administration, and learning community have reflected upon and committed to improvement. They have followed through on each of the identified recommendations to ensure that they are providing an organisation for student learning that is safe and aligns with the guiding statements and school values of being knowledgeable, caring, confident, and responsible.

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