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Internships and Summer School Programmes

At Stonehill, we believe in holistic development. We actively seek out avenues and opportunities for our students to acquire academic and research skills

We help them find programmes that will hone their leadership skills and internships that help them determine employability skills. As part of the college counselling process, profile building is central to telling a unique story to the admission officers. With a diverse cohort of students, our motivated young individuals are keen to engage in meaningful and authentic learning experiences. Summer enrichment programmes include summer schools, summer internships and other summer programmes. All of them have a certain degree of importance when it comes to college admissions. 

Summer schools are a great way to learn more about the chosen university, demonstrate interest in a particular field of study and also a way to understand more about the learning process and the student environment that plays an important role while choosing a college. 

An early access to college style learning also prepares students to gauge the level of challenge they will need to face. The students in the DP can use such opportunities to prepare themselves and take rigorous courses ahead. Some programmes are selective in nature and require students to make an application along with essays. At Stonehill, we train our students to achieve that goal through interactions and specific guidance.

Summer internships can be categorized into job shadowing opportunities or paid jobs during the summer. It gives students a glimpse into the real world work environment. 

Our students have successfully worked with local and regional firms to gain an edge in the field of technology, medicine, management, as well as in creative fields. 

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    Kassandra Rieck & Madhavi Sindhe

    Recently two members of the PYP SSS Department, Ms. Kassandra Rieck (LS) and Ms. Madhavi Sindhe (EAL) attended a course online taught by Dr. Virginia Rojas, a world-renowned expert in language acquisition on the changing demography of international schools and its impact on teaching and learning with EAL students. read more about it here.

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    Stonehill International School
    Jim Elvin Minj

    My experience at a two-day NEASC Visitor Training Workshop (Part 1) held at the International School of Hyderabad, facilitated by Darlene Fisher, the International Accreditation Leader (IAL) at NEASC.

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    Advancing Service Learning: From Ideas to Action Workshop
    Zita Joyce, Devika Datta

    Over the course of two inspiring days on the 8th and 9th of September, educators from diverse backgrounds gathered at Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai for the "Advancing Service Learning: From Ideas to Action" workshop led by the renowned Cathryn Berger Kaye, an international education consultant offering award-winning expertise in Service Learning and engaging teaching methods. 

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