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College Counselling

Why college counselling? 

An important step towards helping young learners align with their career and life goals is to start early in high school. A key aspect of a good high school education involves preparing students for a transition to their chosen career path. Career planning involves: 

  • Enriching students with options

  • Providing them with platforms to build leadership and develop empathy

  • Acquire relevant skills  

  • Student support to ensure they make informed decisions about their career pathway

College counselling involves a guided approach in selecting the appropriate stream of subjects, matching the skills and interest with one's personality and working in a customised manner to achieve academic and life goals. 

Supporting students in making well informed choices about subjects can lead them to have a more optimistic outlook on life, sense of purpose and greater level of contribution that they make to their families and society. 


Career Guidance at Stonehill

Stonehill is a member of IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counselling).  IACAC is a premier organization for professionals engaged in international college counselling and admissions. Their 3,500+ members represent 141 countries and 1,500+ institutions and organizations.

The College Counselling Office at Stonehill provides a variety of resources to match our students with the right colleges. We believe that students should be empowered to make the right choices when it comes to university selections. The goal is to engage students frequently, help them obtain a greater awareness of who they are, and discover viable options for life beyond Stonehill. 

At Stonehill, the college couseling process begins with grade 9 students, with the collaboration and support of the parents, and the college counselling office.

Stonehill students embark on a four year-long journey of self-discovery as they engage in honest self-assessment, thoughtful research and independent decisions.

 Application deadlines, testing dates, essays, recommendation requests and interviews all require equal attention from students. Students find success in their college admission process when they allow their insights, research and self-discoveries to lead them toward the best matches as they leave behind the safe and nurturing environment of Stonehill International School.

The Process

During the school year, the Counsellor facilitates various group meetings and individual conferences to help students learn to make educated choices. Students meet over 135 universities a year on an average to understand their best fit choice and further explore scholarship opportunities. In-house sessions are conducted to help students make strong and unique applications across the globe.

Talk College With Alumni

The “Talk College with Alumni” is a monthly zoom series that aims to bring Stonehill graduates back to School to guide high school students with their application process.

For the inaugural episode, Jayati Gupta and Bhavya Vyas, Class of 2020, met with the secondary students. The session focused on tips to earn scholarships in the top tier universities abroad.

Bhavya Vyas, currently studying Law at King's College London spoke about choosing the right fit college. She shared her journey of applying to Oxbridge, UK  and talked about ways to work on profile presentation.

Jayati Gupta, currently at The University of British Columbia, Canada, is studying Computer Science. She shared her story of getting admission into the top 20 universities in the world and also gave our students some important tips and resources on scholarships.

This session has given Stonehill the impetus to invite other alumni to help current students get prepared for college early on. Please write to us @ if you wish to participate.

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