33 students of M5 have recently celebrated the final year of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), by partaking in a Personal Project Exhibition.  Students in M5 complete a Personal Project at the end of the MYP; an extended piece of independent research showcasing all the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the programme. Students individually decide their project topic choice, which enables great scope for creativity and allows the project to be tailored to the students’ own passions and interests.

Students also used a variety of approaches to explore their topics and to present their findings, such as traditional research, in-person interviews, video production, website creation, paintings, acquiring new skills, travel, and cooking. The Personal Project process has resulted in the completion of a full-length novel, documentary, murals and poster collections, original music recordings and many diverse products.

The next step for these M5 students is to consider the challenge of the rigorous and prestigious IB Diploma Programme in D1 and D2. Among other requirements, Diploma students write a 4,000-word original research Extended Essay. The skills students learned over this year will definitely help them to transfer this learning during their diploma years.

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