This past summer, I attended the Young Global Scholars program at Yale University in the United States. The program consists of six different sessions (spread over a period of 2 months) spanning topics such as science and technology, political science and entrepreneurship. Students apply to the course that interests them the most, and if admitted, experience an incredible two weeks with Yale professors and students from all around the world

The session that I took part in was called the Frontiers of Science and Technology, designed to spark an interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in students. Each student attends lectures on a variety of topics like genetics and artificial intelligence over the two weeks. Also, there is a multitude of choices for seminars, lessons that go into more detail and where students can interact and work with professors. We were also presented with the unique opportunity of touring laboratories at Yale and witnessing some cool experiments and ongoing research. The program gave me a sense of clarity on a variety of subjects that I had no understanding of beforehand.

However, that was only one part of it. We were all housed in Yale dormitories and had access to the entire campus, including the game rooms and the impressive library system. We ate at Yale Dining Halls, played ultimate frisbee through the night, and consumed an unhealthy amount of the famous New York pizza.

But the best part of the program was the people. I met students from all over the world! There were 126 countries represented in all six sessions. It was surprising to see how similar we were, even though we were all from entirely different parts of the world. In conclusion, I will always remember the Yale Young Global Scholars program as a memorable experience, and wholeheartedly recommend attending it!


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