This summer I had the privilege of attending a summer school course at Harvard University in Cambridge, Boston. It was one of the most rigorous academic and personal experiences that one could ask for and I would encourage everyone to apply if they’re interested in what a college level course of their interest would look like. Our two weeks at Harvard were packed with everything that would constitute college life. A three-hour lecture for our chosen class (law and philosophy for me) along with regular trips, excursions, social events and other academic conferences, each one more fascinating than the previous. I recall everyone clinging to their parents nervously on their first day and at the end of experience, we had figured out how to organize our meals around our classes, use google maps to navigate Harvard, clean our dorms, take out the garbage, and eat off campus (as often as possible), use public transport and the worst thing that sixteen-year-olds had yet to face; laundry.

Academically, I remember attending my first lecture which was titled “Is Eating People Wrong?” and was about the famous case of Queen V. Dudley and Stephens. Satisfied with my work in class and exhausted from the first day, I returned home to find our professor email us a 42-page reading straight out of the 1800s edition of the Harvard Law Review, to be completed before tomorrow. I have never missed mundane high school homework more. However, at the end of the experience I now know so much about subjects I hadn’t even thought of before; the link between ethics and genetics, what makes a mass movement, different judicial philosophies, philosophical anarchism, and critical US law cases that define modern society. This was, however, not nearly as important as the friendships I built and the confidence I gained handling myself like a college student. If you’re interested in applying, please let me know, and I would love to help out however I can!


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