December brings an onset of the period of festivities across the world.  Along with it brings a myriad of celebrations, the beautiful Christmas lights the smell of cookies and great food. December also brought the festivities to  M5 batch of 2019. On 13th December we celebrated the culmination of the personal project through an exhibition.

The MYP personal project is a student-centered and age-appropriate practical exploration in which students consolidate their learning throughout the programme. This long-term project is designed as an independent learning experience of approximately 25 hours. The personal project formally assesses students’ ATL skills for self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration. The personal project encourages students to practice and strengthen their ATL skills, to connect classroom learning engagements with personal experience, and to develop their own interests for lifelong learning.

The exhibition was lauded by the school community and had visitors from across the school. Students worked on projects like an Arduino controlled irrigation system, a remote-controlled car that can be used for waste management. While we had these tech projects exploring the nature of scientific and technical innovation, we also had projects exploring the various dimensions of the essential question “What it means to be a human?” From blogs about why does the society expect perfection from girls into books encapsulating the rants of a teenage soul through a comic book, we had it all. Students came up with animation to save animals and websites that can help victims of sexual abuse to get legal help. Our compassionate students also raised funds for the victims of the Kerala floods.

While some students raised awareness about digital security, we also had students creating awareness of learning difficulties. Students using poetry as a strong tool to express their inner voice to students creating ways to save the environment. This variety did nothing but assure us that students can do wonders when they are driven by their interests. Supervisors will start grading the projects over the course of a few weeks and then we go through the process of internal standardization to settle on the final grades. The projects and the grade will be sent to the IBO for final grading. Students addressed the personal project objectives by documenting the process, they followed, the product or outcome they created and the report they made explaining what they have done and learned. Students documented their thinking, research process and the development of their initial ideas by developing an outline of a challenging but manageable goal.

The 2 hours of fun, learning, gusto and smiles made this event a huge success. A big congratulations to M5 student and heartfelt gratitude to the school community and families for extending all the support.


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