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The Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme is a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based framework for learners aged 3-11.

The Primary Years Programme at Stonehill, one of the best international schools in Bangalore, is designed to encourage natural curiosity and a fearless sense of inquiry in children. Our child-centred learning philosophy allows each child to develop at their own pace and learn through the process of inquiry.

Learners are at the centre of the planning and learning/teaching processes. Assessment for learning is embedded in learning experiences ensuring an ongoing collection of data that drives individual learners as they co-construct understanding around open-ended big ideas.

Reflective practices are taught from a young age, along with using the learners’ voice, giving them choice and expecting them to own their learning decisions based on their needs and interests, and critical analysis of the data collected.

IB Primary Years- Programme Model

Programme Leaders

Peter Spratling

Primary Principal

Zita Joyce

Primary Coordinator

The freedom to question is the freedom to learn. Peter Spratling, Primary Principal

Passion and action are expectations of learning - the connections to self, family, community and the real world are indicators of significant, relevant, engaging and challenging opportunities that intrinsically motivate.

Embedded outcomes in the key learning areas ensure growth and development in skills, knowledge and understanding against international norms. Collaborative teams of professional staff collect, monitor and manage data/learning at the individual, grade and systems-wide levels.

Parents are seen as partners so feedback is regular and timely. This feedback is individualised and includes the learners self-evaluation with specific goal setting as its outcome. 

Intercultural awareness and global citizenship are highlighted in a Primary-based year-long unit of inquiry along with a significant focus on our host culture and connections to Bangalore and India throughout the programme of inquiry.

Personal and Social Education in the PYP

All members of the PYP team work together to create an environment that is supportive of learning in all realms. Being responsible, respectful, caring and honest ensures we build harmony and commitment to each other. We create solid relationships based on trust and a willingness to support each other as we all grow and learn.


Child Protection

Child protection is the responsibility of all members of our team. A designated child protection officer takes on the systems-wide management. Notification of concerns is mandatory and acted upon in a timely manner.

Primary School Counsellor

A transdisciplinary programme ensures much of our work is done within the context of units of inquiry and led by the grade team along with the Primary School counsellor. Several stand-alone units target specific areas, notably sexuality education which supports the child protection elements of life and learning. Many of these stand alone units are co-taught giving learners an opportunity to relate to a number of adults who they see as a support network. This support network plays an important role as they grapple with a growing maturity and added responsibilities.

The school counsellor has additional roles including transitioning learners in and out of the school, counselling individuals and groups through ‘big problems’ and building specific skills that ensure the supportive nature of the community is enhanced and maintained.


We are delighted that you are considering Stonehill International school for your child's education. 

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Technology and innovation are an integral part of school life at Stonehill. We embrace technology to promote personalised, digital and e-learning. 

Technology in Primary School

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done to make the lessons fun and educational. It has really shaped my son as a person.  Grade 2 Parent 


At Stonehill, the Arts form a key component of our world-class IB curriculum. In keeping with its mission statement, Stonehill strives to offer enhanced opportunities in the Arts, integrated within the wider academic curriculum.

Art in Primary School

Thanks once again for all you’ve done for my son. He’s blossomed over this year under your guidance, despite Covid and virtual school.  Grade 2 Parent 


Stonehill highlights the value of Sports in its mission statement.  As the School continues to grow, so does the mission of the sports programme in enhancing opportunities for every student. 

Sports in Primary School

Events at Stonehill

Stonehill Facilitates Global Collaboration in Education With the Successful Hosting of the IB Workshop

The event brought together approximately a hundred and thirty-three participants from various IB schools, both locally and internationally from countries such as India, Singapore, China, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone in fostering a global community of educators.