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The Career-related Programme (IBCP)

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) is a framework of international education that incorporates the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique programme specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning.

The CP’s flexible educational framework allows us to meet the needs, backgrounds and contexts of students. CP students engage with a rigorous study programme that genuinely interests them while gaining transferable and lifelong skills. 

The CP provides a comprehensive educational framework that combines highly regarded and internationally recognised courses, from the IB Diploma Programme (DP), with a unique CP core and an approved career-related study.

The CP develops students to be:

  • Academically strong
  • Skilled in a practical field
  • Critical and ethical thinkers
  • Self-directed
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient and determined
  • Confident and assured
  • Caring and reflective
  • Inquirers

Preparing for the best universities and the world beyond

Why choose the IB Career-related Programme?

The CP helps students to prepare for effective participation in life, fostering attitudes and habits of mind that allow them to become lifelong learners and to get involved in learning that develops their capacity and will to make a positive difference.

The CP builds on prior learning in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and incorporates elements of the IB Diploma Programme, which provides the theoretical underpinning and academic rigour of the CP.

Real-World Relevance:

The IBCP is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen career fields. It offers a blend of academic coursework and practical experiences, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the demands of the job market.

Career Exploration:

IBCP students have the opportunity to explore their career interests in depth. By selecting a career-related pathway, they can gain valuable insights into their chosen field through specialized coursework, internships, and hands-on experiences.

International Recognition:

The IB organization is well-respected globally, and an IBCP diploma is recognized by universities, colleges, and employers worldwide. This can open doors to a wide range of educational and career opportunities.

Personal and Professional Skills:

The IBCP places a strong emphasis on developing essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and time management. These skills are transferable and valuable in any career or academic pursuit.

Service Learning:

Many IBCP programs include a service learning component, which encourages students to give back to their communities and develop a sense of social responsibility.


The IBCP is flexible and can be adapted to suit a variety of career interests and goals. Students can choose from different career-related pathways to align with their individual aspirations.

Preparation for Further Education:

While the IBCP is career-focused, it also prepares students for higher education. Many IBCP graduates go on to pursue bachelor's degrees or other advanced education options.

High Standards:

The IBCP maintains high academic standards and rigorous assessment processes, ensuring that students receive a challenging and well-respected education.

Difference between the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career-related Programme






Minimum 2/ Max-4

Core components 

Extended Essay (EE) + Theory of Knowledge (TOK) + Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) 

Reflective project+ Service learning + Personal and Professional Skills + Language development


IB Diploma / IB course certificate 

IB Careers related Programme certificate 

Additional components

Approach to Learning (ATL) Skills 

Career-related studies


IBCP University Destinatons

The IBCP Core

The CP core bridges the IB academic courses and the career-related study and provides students with a combination of academic and practical skills.

Reflective Project

Language development

Personal and Professional skills

Service learning

The IBCP Service Providers at Stonehill

SUMAS (Sustainability Management School, Switzerland)

SCAD(Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia)

WAoS (World Academy of Sport, UK)

Programme Leaders

Manpreet Kaur 

Secondary Principal

Praseeja Nambiar

IBCP Coordinator

Stonehill International School is a day and boarding school in Bangalore that offers full time and weekly boarding options, starting from grade 6 onwards.

More information about our Boarding Programme

We are delighted that you are considering Stonehill International school for your child's education. 

Single Hero Image interior pages

group of Students at Stonehill international school, Bengaluru


Technology and innovation are an integral part of school life at Stonehill. We embrace technology to promote personalised, digital and e-learning. 

Technology in Secondary School

My son achieved his goal during his school life at Stonehill. I appreciate the full support Stonehill has given him.  Grade 11 Parent 


At Stonehill, the Arts form a key component of our world-class IB curriculum. In keeping with its mission statement, Stonehill strives to offer enhanced opportunities in the Arts, integrated within the wider academic curriculum.

Art in Secondary School

Thank you to all those associated with the school. Stonehill is the best school with the best teachers and infrastructure. Going to miss the Stonehill community! Grade 11 Parent 


Stonehill highlights the value of Sports in its mission statement.  As the School continues to grow, so does the mission of the sports programme in enhancing opportunities for every student. 

Sports in Secondary School

Events at Stonehill

Year-end Awards!

Year-end awards, music, and fun games closed the academic year with the Secondary school hosting students from Reach Lives. 

Congratulations to our Grade 5 Students!

At the Grade 5 graduation, we celebrated our learners transitioning from Primary to Secondary School. So proud of our knowledgeable, confident, caring and responsible global citizens! 

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