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IC3 Regional Forum

International Career and College Counselling

On 8th February 2020, we hosted the IC3 (International Career and College Counselling) Regional Forum, which brought together schools and universities, to exchange ideas and perspectives on various career related options for students. The IC3 Regional Forums are a series of one-day events, held in high schools across India, organized by the IC3 Conference Committees.

The IC3 Regional Forum was attended by school principals, coordinators, counsellors, teachers, educators and over 150 leading universities, such as University of Calgary, Krea University, The University of Sydney, University of Guelph, Ashoka University, University of Waterloo and University of Toronto, to name a few.

Through the IC3 Regional Forum, we are attempting to reach out to schools to promote career guidance as an important tool for students’ success. It created an awareness about career guidance, college counselling and career readiness programmes for students. It enabled the participating schools to train and inform their principals, teachers, and counsellors, to efficiently guide students and their families in their college search.

Stonehill’s presence on a large platform such as the IC3 Regional Forum has brought our students and community on the global map. We aim to nurture our students’ abilities and celebrate our diversity through unique opportunities to prepare our learners for college and beyond.

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