In October, an International Baccalaureate Evaluation Team were on campus for our 5 Year Synchronized Evaluation Visit. This week we received the full, published IB Evaluation Report.

I am delighted to inform you that we continue to be authorised to offer all three IB programmes and there are no ‘matters to be addressed’. The report is extremely positive, reflects well on our learning community and is indicative of the hard work, talent and professionalism of all Stonehill Staff and Faculty.

The report successfully identifies many of our strengths and accomplishments and also provides us with some useful recommendations to help us further focus on the growth and development of our school as we move into our next cycle of reflection, review and action planning.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank-you to Anthony Hamblin (PYP Coordinator), Jitendra Pandey (MYP Coordinator) and Manpreet Kaur (DP Coordinator) for their outstanding contribution to this process. Please find below some of the highlights from the Executive Summary.


  • There is a tangible sense of the school being seen as ‘one school’, with a common approach to teaching and learning across all three programmes. Parents, too, were able to articulate the common elements of the programmes.
  • There is a cohesive leadership team with a strong commitment to the IB and to learning, and with a clear direction set for the next evaluation cycle. This commitment is complemented by significant provision of Professional Development, both IB-provided and other.
  • Students, teachers and parents all commented on the sense of community at the school, with a focus on “learning, safety and happiness”. Individual differences are welcomed and celebrated.
  • Open and respectful communication flourishes across all areas of the school. One parent noted that this was the main reason for her selecting the school for her child. Informal communication is becoming increasingly reinforced by a growing body of formal connections between the school and home.
  • Service is a significant part of all three programmes. Students and parents gave several examples of sustainable service projects that students have willingly continued into holiday periods. The school owner, too, has heavily invested in support for rural education.
  • There is a commendable focus on moving from the classroom into the community, again with a service component. Many MYP personal projects, for example, have a service emphasis.
  • The school exhibits a stimulating learning environment, with visible spaces rich with examples of student learning.
  • Programme documentation across the school is detailed, explicit, supportive of all aspects of IB philosophy, and accessible to the community.
  • All policies have been developed and reviewed across the whole school, with an ensuing sense of both understanding and ownership.
  • Despite the regular intake of new students through the school year, transition both into the school and across the IB programmes gained praise from both students and parents.

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