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ASB Unplugged

By Lamiya Bharmal

Primary Librarian and Information Literacy Teacher

I attended the ASB Unplugged conference where educators from around the world come together to share best practices - to inspire, learn and grow with one another all with our students at the centre.

A definite recommend for teachers to attend when it happens biennial

Here are some insights gathered from the different sessions attended

Diversity as Ecology 

Organisms are shaped by its environment, as the reverse also - the environment is shaped by people, places and things. Then all 3 matter. If Life is hard work should not be the hardest, it should be a place to contribute and Leadership can help. We learn about Ecosystems but what is the ecosystem in a school - for the health, well being of the school and to be able to ask SMART Change questions. Stakeholders shape the environment. How have we revolutionised what Pandemic has taken away 3 years. Create creative collaborations and partnerships. Work has been reinvented and part of that is because we have choices and how we prioritise our lives around work. Even in the most dire situations choice points exist. So those of us with the privilege should be able to present others with choice points to exercise that privilege because the future of work actually depends on us and we have to reinvent the way we work to shape for the benefit of the society

Embracing Imperfection & Unlocking Innovation in our Schools

Have you seen this Beta - do you know what it means - we are in a testing stage. It is Imperfect and it can run into glitches and we are learning a nearly complete prototype of a product. We are also creating Loneliness.

Vulnerability is at the heart of Humanity - The power of vulnerability - is to help students to find their Purpose. In school they can contribute to the community - to feel connected with gardeners and support staff - have a Community Partnership week. Our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse - appearance perfect, perfect university, perfect life - but it is hard work that pays off. Technology to enhance and not replace learning.

Hands-On Learning to creating your very own AI assistant

You can set the tone of AI being your assistant by mentioning - You can ask me questions to clarify so that you understand the task. You can give it background knowledge and upload files. 

3 P’s - 

Persona - Who or what is your AI supposed to be? I want you to act as a ____ 

Problem - What is the target goal of your prompt? Goal ___ 

Parameters - background, personalisation, guidelines as its big job is to please.

Bibliotherapy - Book Therapy 

The practice of reading books to help students cope with problems so that they realise that they are not alone and that their emotional responses are perfectly normal. 

The different stages when reading - 

Identification - The reader affiliates with a character in the text and identifies with their problems and goals

Catharsis - The reader experiences the character’s emotions, struggles and hopes from a safe, removed position

Insight - The reader recognises similarities between the characters or situations in the text and the reader’s own circumstances and the decision to apply ideas from the text to the reader’s life. 

Universalisation - The reader realises they are not alone. Others have experienced similar challenges and found ways to navigate them.

Pawsitive Results and Endless Pawssibilities: Learning from ASB's Work with our Therapy Dog

The Elementary Principal is the handle of the most popular staff - Frankie, a dog Together they have taken on the challenge of increasing student and adult well-being through human-animal connections. 

Having a dog is an added value. Having a dog increases the Oxytocin and the lowering of cortisol levels. Benefits for amygdala which is a small part of your brain, but it has a big job. It's a major processing centre for emotions. Frankie loves being read to - doesn’t care if you don’t read, misspell.



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