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Advancing Service Learning: From Ideas to Action Workshop
Zita Joyce, Devika Datta

Over the course of two inspiring days on the 8th and 9th of September, educators from diverse backgrounds gathered at Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai for the "Advancing Service Learning: From Ideas to Action" workshop led by the renowned Cathryn Berger Kaye, an international education consultant offering award-winning expertise in Service Learning and engaging teaching methods. 

IBEN Workshop
Vinita Nair

The IBEN workshop- IB conducts this training for selected candidates to become IBEN workshop leaders.

Teaching the IB Way
Joe Lumsden

Stonehill prides itself on not only being an IB school in name, but also in whole-heartedly subscribing to the IB philosophy of teaching. The IB identifies six ‘Approaches to Teaching’ that should be visible in all IB classrooms from P1 to D2. They are as follows....

ChatGPT, AI and the Future of Education
Joe Lumsden

The future of education could see the integration of AI in many areas, such as personalised learning, automated grading, and intelligent tutoring systems. AI has the potential to transform education by making it more efficient, effective, and accessible to students worldwide.

The Importance of Social Education in Schools
Joe Lumsden

‘Literacy’ is no longer limited to reading and writing in a particular language. Our children communicate via digital tools and need to become digital citizens with a high level of competence in new literacies. They live in a multilingual world of social media posts, images and reels, and to be ‘literate’ in such a world requires education to help them safely and effectively interpret the linguistic and visual signs that they are exposed to.

How to Prepare for your Admissions Abroad
Praseeja Nambiar

While the preparation to get admitted to the best universities and first choice universities have begun for most of the students and families, it is still not too late for students who have not started the process.  

Here’s a guide to choosing the right subjects and the right curriculum.

Importance of The Arts in an Academic Programme
Joe Lumsden

The IB curriculum model for the MYP treats the ‘Arts’ as a subject group equivalent in value to all others. In order to adhere to this philosophical approach, we ensure that all students from Grade 6-8 receive as many hours of instruction in the arts as any other subject. Students in Grade 6-8 rotate through trimesters of Visual Art, Drama and Music each year so that they are exposed to as wide a range of artistic endeavours as possible.

Education For Social Change
Joe Lumsden

There are multiple approaches to helping students develop an awareness of and commitment to social change. To start, it is important to recognise the importance of traditional ‘service’ activities in the local community.

A Study Abroad Checklist
Praseeja Nambiar

While parents go through college websites taking notes on college and courses, counsellors and students around the world are busy sifting through resources to find the best-fit colleges. Starting early, planning well and keeping options open to fulfil your academic and life goals is crucial when preparing to study abroad.

Leading with Courage in Education
Joe Lumsden

With countless new ideas in education battling for attention and the evidence base flimsy, contested, and often politically biased in all areas, we need to rely on a clear vision of what it takes to lead an educational community in the twenty-first century.

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