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Stonehill International School highlights the value of Sports in its mission statement.  As the School continues to grow, so does the mission of the sports programme in enhancing opportunities for every student.

The Sports Department is committed to educate every student through Sports while supporting the mission and vision of Stonehill. Through Sports, Stonehill aims to help students grow and learn, while helping them become knowledgeable, caring, confident and responsible global citizens. This manifests itself both by participating in competitive sport teams and taking advantage of internships in Sports Sciences like sports medicine, sports biomechanics, sports management and marketing, and sports coaching, with our partner, Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE).

Stonehill international school, students in a group with football

Sports and sportsmanship – we aim to encourage both in our students


The Different Sports competitions

Stonehill is a member of two school conferences, the Bangalore Activities and Athletics Schools Conference (BAASC) and the International Schools Activities Conference, India (ISACI) that allows teams to compete from Primary School, Middle School, and High School levels.  

The BAASC was co-founded by Stonehill in 2019 and consists of 6 competing schools.  

The BAASC and ISACI conference competitions offered include:

BAASC Sports 2021-22

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Basketball court- Stonehill international school, Bangalore