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Secondary School Trips

As a part of the total learning experience, Trips Week provides immersive travel experiences for high school students. The focus of Trips Week is for students to explore connections between their learning and the world around them. It provides opportunities for the students to grow and develop lasting bonds. It aims to:

  • nurture a sense of independence and confidence 

  • develop and support the students intellectual curiosity

  • nurture talents beyond the traditional classroom

  • provide life-changing experiences and memories

The students get an opportunity to explore India and immerse themselves in its diverse culture, food and heritage. Trips Week is also a time for students to take a break from academics, connect with their hobbies and spend quality time with their peers and teachers. Being amidst nature, the students return rejuvenated, after a lot of fun and adventure.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, the students got an opportunity to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Wayanad, Rishikesh, Pondicherry, Mangalore, and Trivandrum.

Trips Week 2023

Here are a few details of some of the past trips as narrated by the students and the teachers.


This trip covered three places in Northern India - Rishikesh, Jim Corbett National Park and New Delhi. There were fifty-two M4 (Grade 9) and M5 (Grade 10) students accompanied by six teacher chaperones. After flying into Dehradun Airport, we travelled by minibuses for 45 kms along narrow mountainous roads to our first stop.

Andaman Islands

The D1 (Grade 11) students visited the Andaman Islands, the beautiful beach destination of India. They first visited  Port Blair,  which  is  the capital of the Andamans. Then they visited the historic Cellular Jail    and enjoyed a poignant sound  and light show and learnt about India’s heroic freedom struggle.  

Wayanad, Kerala 

Student reviews on the Wayanad trip:


Aarik, M2-

"I really enjoyed the Wayanad trip. We went to the biggest earth dam in Asia and we visited a bamboo lab and made bracelets and bought stuff from the shop at the bamboo lab. Our hotel was very good and clean and it had a pool, adventure zone and at night we had a bonfire.I loved the experience and would go back anytime."

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Student reviews on the Jodhpur trip:

Seoyeon, M4-
"The safari and trip to the desert was a very unique and interesting experience. When we learnt about India in Korea, we often saw pictures of the desert, but I'd never been to a desert in India. It was really fun! The turban tying and the bangle activities was great fun."

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