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Primary School Trips

Relevant, engaging and challenging units of inquiry are built around the PYP framework. These units must have local significance and global relevance.


For a unit to have local significance to a young learner, field trips are built into the PYP framework.They give primary sources of information where learners can interrogate through questioning and confirm learning through a hands-on approach.

These day trips encourage learners to think beyond and delve deeper into their big ideas. This transference drives learning forward and provokes parallel inquiries.

Grade 3 (P6) students have an overnight camping experience at School, in order to build their independence and broaden their experiences. They learn to put up a tent, experience a campfire with all its associations and manage themselves within the safe school environment.

The Grade 4 (P7) students spend two nights at an adventure camp, staying in dormitories, eating camp food and testing their skills with a variety of challenges. This experience entails a bus ride into the countryside and is led by experienced and verified personnel.

This experience is a unique way to build strong relationships and to see their classmates in a different light.

Lastly, the Grade 5 (P8) overnight trip is a provocation for the PYP Exhibition. The exhibition is an opportunity for learners to showcase their understanding of the skills and concepts covered over their eight years of Primary School along with their understanding of the Learner Profile. Teamwork is the focus and the learners are encouraged to build relationships through activities. They also investigate and interrogate possible inquiries they may choose to take on during this time.


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