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At Stonehill, the Arts form a key component of our world-class IB curriculum. In keeping with its mission statement, Stonehill strives to offer enhanced opportunities in the Arts, integrated within the wider academic curriculum.

Art in Primary School

The Arts team consists of visual artists and performing artists. Both Arts are a part of the transdisciplinary programme of learning, making authentic connections to units of inquiry and stand alone units when the connection is not significant or relevant. How we express ourselves is an obvious authentic connection where cross-campus teams collaboratively develop learning. Authentic connections can also be made to more obscure themes like where we are in place and time.

The Arts programme includes exploring ideas and improvising with ways to represent ideas, responding to and interpreting the Arts, developing skills and processes, and sharing the Arts through performance, presentation, or display for an audience. At Stonehill, the three dimensions namely, knowledge, skills, and enduring understandings are given equal emphasis. Learners are immersed in learning that is transferable, and work they can be proud of that has individual flair and a stamp of the personal.

Primary students showing visual art
Primary kids online puppet show during virtual learning
Primary students- online puppet show

The Arts Centre

Our purpose-built facility enhances the programme by providing a space that is aesthetically pleasing, spacious and functional. The Arts centre has dedicated learning spaces for Visual Arts, Drama & Music. 

Opportunity for learners to present and curate abound. They include class, grade and Primary School wide options. Performances such as a poetry slam, fortnightly community times, art exhibitions, dramatic performances, a talent show, choirs and classroom singing all add up to a programme that has meaning and is enthusiastically supported by the community.

Stonehill prides itself on a committed Arts department with a special focus on Visual Art and Performing Arts (Music, Drama, and Dance). The transdisciplinary nature of Arts gives them relevance throughout the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Art in Secondary School

Students in Grades 6 to 8 (M1 to M3) experience the Arts through a trimester system. This allows them to fully immerse themselves into one Arts discipline at a time, developing meaningful technique and skill, and then using those skills to fully create their own artistic work.

Students in Grades 9 to 10 (M4 to M5) can choose to specialize in up to two Arts subjects, and study those throughout the year. In M5 they take part in the Arts E-portolio, following an IB published brief to research others’ art, before creating their own original Art and then reflecting upon its reception and creative process.

Visual Art

What do they learn?


What do they learn?


What do they learn?