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After School Activities

The After School Activities (ASA) Programme at Stonehill is designed to provide a range of learning engagements that enables children to be creative, confident and collaborative.

The ASAs are grouped into four categories and are aligned with the school’s mission: 


For Example: Coding, Maker Club, Robotics Club, etc

Technology at Stonehill


For Example: Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, etc

Arts at Stonehill


For Example: Football, Horse Riding, Taekwondo, etc

Sports at Stonehill


For Example: Tree Planting, Elderly Care, etc

Community Service at Stonehill

Various student-led clubs as well as external vendors allow for our Primary, Middle, and High School students to participate in areas that are of particular interest to them in order to enhance their overall educational experience.  

In addition to the After School Activities, Stonehill has partnered with local industry leaders to provide opportunities for our 8th - 12th grade students to apply their Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills in real world situations.

The After School Activity Programme strives to provide an atmosphere where children can enjoy, grow, and learn to lead a balanced and healthy life.


Students of Stonehill International school, bangalore during a service activity

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