With the onset of a new academic year, the College Counselling Office welcomes each and every one of you. Additionally, we extend our warm welcome to the incoming M4 and D1 students.

The College Counselling Office provides a variety of resources to match our students with the right colleges. We believe the process of finding the right college should be student-empowered and owned. Engaging students frequently, helping them obtain a greater awareness of who they are, and to discover viable options for life beyond SIS are the goals of the College Counselling Office.

We believe this approach encompasses each student’s personality, goals, and aspirations to ensure a challenging and rewarding opportunity throughout their lives. In addition to this process of self-discovery and college-discovery, we believe good communication among all parties, including parents, students, and the counseling department ensures a successful and satisfactory college placement outcome for our students.

During the school year, the Counsellor facilitates various group meetings and individual conferences to help students learn to make educated choices. The Counsellor meets with D1 and D2 regularly to begin the college exploration and application process. We provide support to all students throughout the year and have a wealth of information that will help students form their future plans. Students should feel free to make an appointment with their counsellor when they need advice on any situation.

You can reach the College and Guidance Counsellor, Praseeja Nambiar at the following email address – praseeja.nambiar@stonehill.in




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