Do you want to know more about DP at Stonehill?

Meet us on Feb 21st 2019!

Stonehill stands tall with a glorious history of above world average IB results and students attending prestigious universities across the globe. We boast of a cohort that is ready to take on the challenge of IBDP and rearing to gain university experience further. The DP programme at Stonehill is a fun-filled, enriching journey for students, parents and teachers alike. Each year our students create new strides in learning and we are here to welcome more such aspiring and driven individuals to the next class.

You will get a glimpse of the DP core, its essence and unique teaching techniques in the DP options afternoon on February 21, 2019, from 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm. While IBDP is touted to be the toughest curriculum around the world, we will take you through the details that make the curriculum more desirable than ever. Our heads of department are always the ones who lead by example and there is no one better than the heads themselves to help you understand the intricacies of each subject that a potential DP student at Stonehill wishes to study.

With the DP coordinator, taking the mantle of the program delivery at Stonehill, you will get a chance to experience what it takes to get into a world-class university. Our college counsellor will give you some important tips to sail through the university application procedures and educated career choices. Come, join us for an informative and engaging session on Feb 21, 2019




















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