“Tigers in The Hills”

The camp began with butterflies in our tummies but what we came back with, was memories that we are going to cherish forever. The leadership camp at the ‘Indus School of Leadership’ was one of the most rigorous, challenging and enjoyable experiences at the beginning of this school year. It all started on the Friday morning, where we gathered up and geared up for an adventure of a lifetime. At the leadership camp we were warmly greeted by the staff and the blisteringly hot sun. Later, we were divided into four groups of fourteen each.

We then got a chance to see our dormitory that resembled ancient Indian houses that spread warmth and harmony. Interestingly, all the dormitories are named after the lovely Indian mountain ranges. The rooms were simple and decent which we shared in groups of four or three. While all the excitement spread through giggles and laughter the time struck and it was time for our activities. The Leadership Reaction Course, was an activity in which our team had to par a broken bridge using limited resources and two injured men. Little did we know that team spirit primarily contributed to ‘break the record for the fastest time possible’. It was indeed a confusing and nerve-racking experience that taught all of us to work collaboratively and more effectively as teammates and that we should always count on valuable human resources. During these activities we found a new light in ourselves as we worked to the best of our abilities.

We then feasted on an Indian cuisine lunch, that energised and fuelled us for the next four hours of activity. The next activity was Pistol Shooting, and this activity taught us that people in the movies don’t always know what they are doing. As a group we learned this the hard way as there were few people that scored points. It was an eye-opener as it needed concentration, stability and perseverance.

After a long day of fun activities that challenged our bodies and minds, our stomach growled loudly like our hearts that throbbed before encountering challenges. We then had a quick snack after which the flames of the bonfire ignited as we simultaneously grooved to music which helped us all “Part ways with our IB stress.” Later that night just after dinner we all assembled at the amphitheater under the sky full of stars and the moonlight as the only source of light.  As soon as our legs turned sore while our eyes teared as we yawned, we moved into our rooms.  Cuddled into our blankets all of us ‘slept like babies’ as exhaustion took its toll on our bodies. 

Excitement grew as the sun rose on the next day. At seven ‘o’clock in the morning all of us huddled up at the breakfast table, refuelling ourselves with a lovely South Indian breakfast, for the exciting day ahead. After which everybody was geared up with required attire to kick off the day with a bang until all of us were pleasantly surprised with the appearance of our Secondary Principal, Mr Narendra Mehrotra.

The activity that followed was the Leadership Discovery course. The activity was purely based on balancing on ropes and passing through different phases of height and climbing intensity. It primarily helped us build on balance, concentration and self confidence. Levels of confidence differed from individual to individual but team spirit and motivation helped us all overcome our fears.

The following activity was the Leadership Disposition Course which was primarily based on habituated qualities of mind, critical thinking and character building. The activity had various kinds of challenges, be it building a raft that got our teammates to the other side of the river, climbing a wall made up of tyres, walking through muddy water, climbing up and down the ‘A’ wall and lastly crawling on the ground under mesh or tires. This activity got us entirely drenched in water and covered in sludge. But after all the hard work, who wouldn’t mind being a mess? The activity was a mixture of land and water challenges. Tiny and adorable frogs accompanied us, that made us appreciate mother nature even more. Overall the disposition activity helped us attain greater physical and mental strength.

However, the two day camp on the beautiful campus gave us a great opportunity to interact and work with all the talented trainers at ISL. The icing on the cake was, all of our teachers, as well as the principal, merrily joining us and participating in each and every challenge we had taken up as a team. We sincerely had the best time bonding and engaging in activities along with our enthusiastic group of teachers. The positive vibe and warmth from the teachers, Ms. Manpreet, Ms Huixian, Mr Mohammad, Mr Satish, Ms Neena and Ms Manpreet radiated through all of us, giving us courage and motivation.

Written by Venkateshwaran, D1 and LaiQah Khan D1

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