IB Dinner: an occasion to understand the IB in an informal setting

Amidst the dazzle of soft lights, live music, scrumptious food, confident students and a well-staged programme, the evening planned, organized and staged by the D1’s ensured to give a glimpse into the IBDP journey of the Diploma students.

The IB journey for Diploma students is filled with excitement and challenges as the course unfolds. The students found interesting ways to share with their parents what it means to be an IB student and parents surely understood what it means to be an IBDP parent.

Sachin and Zach of D1 spoke about their TOK learning in D1, Shanavi, Namitha and Marie of D2 spoke about their CAS experiences and Terence and Rohit of D2 explained to the parents the skills that they developed while going through the Extended essay process.

By the end of their talks, the parents became more informed about the process of TOK, Extended Essay and CAS and their importance in the life of an IB student. The D1’s left no stone unturned to showcase their time spent in school through a documentary filmed by Quinten, Dhwith, and Jeshwitha of D1.

By the end of it, parents knew it all! D1 musicians and singers filled the air with their own compositions. What better way to make the parents understand the technicalities of the IB programme through well thought creative and interactive games. Not forgetting, the well-choreographed dance which added to the memorable evening. On another note, this was also an opportunity for parents to interact with each other and the teachers. The apprehensions of the new D1 parents were put at rest as they were able to learn from the experiences of D2  parents. It was also an excellent opportunity for parents to meet with the teachers in an informal setting and interesting conversations took place over dinner and soothing music played by the D1’s.


Manpreet Kaur

IBDP Coordinator


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New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Australian boarding schools association

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