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Giving Back to the Stonehill Community


Volunteer to be a mentor to some of our Grade 12 students, and advise them on college, and life beyond Stonehill


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There are three Stonehill supported charities:

Stonehill Government School, Morning Star Ashram, and Iksha Foundation

Guest Speaker

Volunteer to speak to our students at Stonehill, as industry experts, or on topics that you feel are relevant


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Talk College With Alumni

The “Talk College with Alumni” is a monthly zoom series that aims to bring Stonehill graduates back to School to guide high school students with their application process.

For the inaugural episode, Jayati Gupta and Bhavya Vyas, Class of 2020, met with the secondary students. The session focused on tips to earn scholarships in the top tier universities abroad.

Bhavya Vyas, currently studying Law at King's College London spoke about choosing the right fit college. She shared her journey of applying to Oxbridge, UK  and talked about ways to work on profile presentation.

Jayati Gupta, currently at The University of British Columbia, Canada, is studying Computer Science. She shared her story of getting admission into the top 20 universities in the world and also gave our students some important tips and resources on scholarships.

This session has given Stonehill the impetus to invite other alumni to help current students get prepared for college early on. Please write to us @ if you wish to participate.

Alumni Updates

Matilde Foroni

 Class of 2016

Alaina Madaya

Class of 2019

Terence de Meza

 Class of 2019

Daksha Ponappa

Class of 2020


Stonehill was a very positive experience for me. I appreciate that teachers were very patient with me and helped me with my transition from my junior to senior year. I have also noticed how the atmosphere at Stonehill is full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Students and teachers are always full of life, purpose, and willingness to succeed, which has helped me become the same.


University of Southern California
Class of 2020

I was never much of a sports person before I came to Stonehill, but the structure of ISACI really gave me an opportunity to try out new sports and build on my communication skills. I started off with being mostly a sub player in basketball; after sticking to it and putting in hard work, I ended my ISACI journey with being Captain of the girls volleyball team.


Leiden University
Class of 2018

Stonehill has an amazing culture, great teachers and fun study sessions at boarding.


University of Buffalo
Class of 2018

Stonehill was an all-round great experience. I especially enjoyed the opportunities provided by Trips Week.


Stanford University
Class of 2018

My experience at Stonehill was great. I found that I always had support, I just had to ask. My teachers were always available to take questions, and I could always consult my college counsellor. When I was going through the college application process, this was especially helpful as I could efficiently communicate with all my teachers.


The University of British Columbia
Class of 2020

The Stonehill experience was unique, enlightening, and fun. More than academics, Stonehill has prepared me with handling the student-teacher dynamic necessary at college. Working with teachers, asking for their help when necessary, and being transparent with progress and deadlines are all the skills that will be helpful at college.


Syracuse University 
Class of 2020

Stonehill was like a family. I enjoyed coming to school and knowing that the Principal would greet us every morning when got off the bus. My greatest memory was volunteering at the Government School with 3 of my other classmates. It taught me that even the smallest contribution to the community can have a large effect. I am so grateful to have attended Stonehill. The support from my teachers, peers and parents was incredible and wouldn’t have gotten me where I am now.


Working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers
 Class of 2013

My experience at Stonehill gave me a unique opportunity to grow as both a student and an individual. The community was super nice and welcoming and made the transition from one place to another much easier than anticipated. Stonehill allowed me to gain new internationally-minded perspectives and develop as both a person and as a student. The focus on individual learning allowed me to develop time management skills and study habits that will easily translate to university.


University of Michigan
Class of 2020

I loved Stonehill’s open environment for learning. I believe this is one of the main reasons why I’ve developed amazing relationships with all of my teachers, over the course of my 4 years at Stonehill. I also made incredible friends. As I look back, my Stonehill experience exceeded all of my high school expectations.


The University of Michigan
Class of 2020

I believe Stonehill has prepared me for university with its forward-thinking attitude. I also think attending a new school in a foreign country for the first time, has prepared me for the experience I will need when I attend university. The DP trip was one thing I will never forget. During the trip, I was really able to bond and strengthen my friendships.


University of Warwick
Class of 2020

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