After School Activities

Stonehill provides a range of activities to meet the varying interests and needs of students. The After School Activities Programme is designed to provide a range of learning engagements that will enable children to be creative, build confidence, play with others, and lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

More than fifty different activities are offered under four broad categories – Technology, Sports, The Arts, and Community Service. These range from aeromodelling and robotics to dance and pottery; taekwondo and horse riding to math club; working with old age homes to working with underprivileged children. Pictures for After School Activities.

Smiling Students at Stonehill International School

Field Trips

Learning beyond the classroom for real-world experiences

The Stonehill curriculum requires students to learn through real-world problems and have real-world experiences. Extended, and often overnight, field trips are an essential component of learning, especially for the higher grades in subjects like Biology, Geography and Economics.

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