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We are a community of learners – students, teachers and parents

Stonehill has one of the most diverse communities of learners in Bangalore with students from more than thirty five countries and teachers from over fifteen. The School encourages open channels of communication to help students and their families adapt to their surroundings. There are plenty of opportunities for families to get involved with the School and form support groups. The academic year is dotted with  formal get-togethers on campus and service-oriented projects which involve meaningful participation with local communities.


The importance of teachers in any academic programme cannot be overemphasized, especially in the IB methodology. All of our faculty members are IB trained and most of them have significant previous experience in IB schools around the world. A diverse faculty goes a long way in preparing students to adapt to a rapidly globalizing world. 

Stonehill International School has the most diverse community of teachers in Bangalore with teachers coming from various countries such as UK, France, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, as well as India. 

As teachers they are lifelong learners. Stonehill invests in the continuous development of teachers with local and international workshops and seminars.

Faculty Participation in International Events

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Throughout the academic year, our faculty take part in a number of international webinars, workshops, and panel discussions, hosted by various organisations. 

Student Council

The Student Council at Stonehill is made up of elected  students in both Primary as well as Secondary School. It gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.  In addition to planning events that contribute to the school spirit and community welfare, the Student Council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. 

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Stonehill PTA is a voluntary association of parents formed with an aim of developing a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement. The association supports the educational experience of all students at Stonehill. They welcome new families and promote a positive community spirit in the School. Some of the big events they host include the Back to School Barbeque, Diwali Mela, and the International Food Fair (IFF).

The Stonehill PTA  inspires involvement and commitment to support the school community. Towards that end, teachers and administrators collaborate with the PTA executive and parent class representatives to assist the PTA in its defined role.

The Stonehill PTA aligns its choice of activities and causes that it supports with the IB Learner Profile. They believe that the values taught at school must be exhibited by all members of the community, and therefore use the IB Learner Profile as a guide to action.

Back to School Barbeque

The annual Back to School Barbeque, organised by the PTA,  is held in September to welcome new families into the Stonehill community. There’s plenty of  delicious food, music and beverages. Parents, teachers and students get a chance to enjoy the day in a relaxed and fun environment.

The International Food Fair (IFF)

The annual International Food Fair (IFF) is held in January by the PTA. A wide variety of pop-up food stalls serve everything from the nutritious and healthy, to the scrumptious and indulgent. Parents and children roll up their sleeves and enjoy a host of mouth-watering exotic delectables from around the world.

Proceeds generated by the IFF are donated to the three charitable organizations supported by the Stonehill PTA – The Stonehill Government School, Morningstar Ashram and IKSHA Foundation.

The Stonehill PTA supports various charities through a holistic approach to ensure maximum awareness and opportunities that will have the Stonehill families involved throughout the year. They are involved in organizing events, including charity driven events at School. The charities currently supported by the PTA are:

Stonehill Government School

Stonehill International School has adopted the Government School in the neighbouring village. The PTA in the last few years has contributed sport equipment, books, and helped build a computer lab.

Stonehill students also collaborate on many service learning projects with this school.


Morning Star Ashram

Over the last few years, the Stonehill Internationanl School PTA has supported the Morning Star Ashram - a home for underprivileged children with physical and mental illnesses, and disabilities.

All the proceeds raised from The Annual Stonehill Founder’s Day Virtual Run, 2020 were donated to the Morning Star Ashram.


Iksha Foundation

Iksha supports children with eye cancer – Retinoblastoma. Their focus is creating awareness, and supporting underprivileged families, ensuring early diagnosis and timely treatment of children.

The Stonehill PTA has been supporting this charity for the past few years by contributing towards surgery and medication costs for the children.

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