Boarding @ STONEHILL

Give your child the advantage of a complete IB life

We believe that freedom is as important as discipline and encourage students to exercise both; they have access to the internet, regular weekend outings and, as they grow, are given more autonomy.

Cafeteria - Stonehill International School, Bangalore

An education to be truly holistic must touch every part of a child’s life. Our residential programme is designed to extend learning and the IB way through academics, extracurricular activities and the social aspects of boarding.

A healthy child needs a good school as much as a loving home to grow into a confident individual. Boarding at Stonehill Residence is led by this idea, where sunny rooms replace dorms, a house parent is just down the hall and the food is both healthy and tasty.

Boarding Options:

  • Full Boarding (seven days a week)
  • Weekly Boarding (Four days a week)

All our boarding houses feature single, twin and quad sharing rooms, a common lounge and a study room. The houses are supported by the cafeteria, a fitness centre and a 24 hour medical centre. Experienced houses parents, tutors, matrons and service staff take care of children and their individual needs.

The Rooms

Fitted out like a home, all rooms are air conditioned, equipped with high speed internet and en suite bathrooms. Each child has his/her own bed, study table and wardrobe.


The cafeteria serves freshly prepared nutritious meals with both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. After school hours and in between meals, boarders can make light snacks in their common rooms.

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Boarders can choose from all the extracurricular activities the school provides, with a mandatory minimum attendance of at least two days a week.

Common Rooms

Wifi-enabled study and common lounges for homework and time with friends.


The gym, sports hall and swimming pool are open to boarders for longer hours under supervision.


The resident nurse is available in the 24-hour, 10-bed school infirmary.


Weekends at school are particularly vibrant with activities planned within and outside the premises.

Weekend Activities Programme

Typical Weekend Activities at Stonehill

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Contact Information for Boys and Girls Boarding

Head of Boarding: 
John Bussenschutt
Mobile: +91726612412

Head of Boarding for Boys: 
John Bussenschutt
Phone: +91726612412

Head of Boarding for Girls:
Robin Bussenschutt
Mobile: +917026612405